About our company


        The enterprise “Ukrgazifikatsia-Yug” is the  Ukrainian  leader   in production of polyethylene pipes  for gas and water, which meet European standards.          

        The company realizes the governmental program on gasification of localities. We were the first who developed and put into operation technical conditions for production gas pipes, on the basis of which was created the state standard.

        The factory produces pipes of different diameters from 25 to 630 mm. The manufacturing basis allows to begin pretty soon  production  of pipes with diameter until 560mm. The area of industrial buildings counts more then 3000 square meters. Our pipes are certified in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium and equated to European standards. In production of pipes is used polyethylene    PE- 80 and PE-100  of leading European companies, and also PE 100 is used for experiment on production of gas pipes with work pressure till 12 bar.

       We are the first in Europe who proposed and changed the margin of safety from 2,5 to 2,  which gave opportunity to low  on 30% spending on pipe production. Introduced SDR 9 instead of SDR 7,4, which also lowered inputs on gas lines.

       The works produces  fittings for butt and sidewall fusion. For installation gas and water lines are used technologies,  welding equipment and fittings of leading European companies (“Friatec” (Germany), “Fusion Group plc” (England), “George Fischer” (Germany). Certification of welding equipment is held in cooperation with   Paton Institute of electrical fusion, the only laboratory in Ukraine

       All permissions are obtained for industrial production of polyethylene pipes for installation of gas and water lines.