Gas pipes


  • Ukrgazifikatsia Yug, Ltd. - is the leader in Ukraine in manufacturing of high quality polyethylene pipes;
  • Ukrgazifikatsia Yug, Ltd. - is the leader in Ukraine in development and apply of a new reference documentation;
  • Ukrgazifikatsia Yug, Ltd. - first in Ukraine take an experiment in producing and using polyethylene pipes for gas supply by the pressure 12 atm. It take place in 10 regions of Ukraine;
  • Our pipes were been examined in Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and received a high appreciation of quality and conformity to the European standard;
  • During the examinations, our pipes dd 50x4.6 mm keep the pressure of 58 atm., 90x10,0 mm - 68 atm. Approximately this is tenfold margin of safety According to that our company initiated the reducing of safety factor (from 2.5-3.7 to 1.8-2.0) and SDR-11 to SDR-9 that will reduce the costs of pipes;
  • First in Ukraine we bagin to use and to produce pipes from the polyethylene PE-100. We use only the firs-raw material of ATOFina (Belgium) and Solvay (Belgium).

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